(435) 843-2200

Open House

October 8, 2022 10am-2pm

Station 1 (90 North Main Street)

About us

We are a volunteer organization that respects the dignity of people and strives to provide the very best fire and rescue services in our community.

Our 50 active firefighters and over 100 senior status firefighters are committed to providing the most efficient services possible. We believe in being accessible and involved in our community.

There are over 1 million firefighters in the United States, of which approximately 750,000 are volunteers.

We are Vision Oriented, Mission Directed, and Value Driven.


We are dedicated to being the best community-focused volunteer fire department, working as a team to ensure a safe and secure environment for all those entrusted to our care.


We are committed
to providing emergency
and non-emergency services
to protect the lives, property, and
environment of our community.


We believe our health and safety are essential to fulfilling the Fire Department’s mission. We are committed to providing the best health and safety programs for our members’ well-being and operational readiness.

Fire Prevention and community Service

Fire Prevention Week (Oct 2-8, 2022) is a special week for the Tooele City Fire Department. During the week we participate in school assemblies, host station tours, and welcome community involvement to learn about fire prevention and safety.  The department sponsors an annual open house for the residents of Tooele City, young and old, to visit the members of their fire department and learn about fire safety.

The following planned events will occur for 2022: fire prevention presentations at school assemblies, station tours, community/facility visits, and open house.

If you are interested in visiting a fire station or having us be involved in a community event, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you shortly.

Fire Code

To learn more about the Tooele City fire code, please click the button below. 

Fire Ordinances

The Tooele City Fire Department greatly appreciates your assistance in creating a safe environment throughout the year. Please help us ensure that our community is safe by steering clear of any dangerous or illegal fireworks during this year’s holiday seasons.